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When you manage a web page you aspire to get many visits, but how can you measure the popularity of a web? A central factor here would be the traffic it generates. This and other indicators are those used by the Alexa tool to determine the rank of a website.

Alexa Internet Inc., founded in 1996 and today a subsidiary of after its acquisition in 1999, owes its reputation to the development of a system to collect the navigation data of those users who installed their toolbar, known as Alexa toolbar in theory, the resulting Alexa Traffic Rank would reflect the overall performance of a web page. Websites with good traffic and regularly updated content usually get a good ranking in Alexa, but there are other factors that can also influence, directly or indirectly, this ranking. These include, for example, the thematic niche that covers the page or the keywords that are used.


What is Alexa Rank exactly?

Broadly speaking, the Alexa ranking consists of a representative measurement system that classifies the performance of a web page in relation to the million most popular pages on the web. If no measures have been taken to improve this index before, it is never too late to optimize the value and visibility of a web page. Since the Alexa ranking is public and can be consulted by partners and investors, improving it can is very appealing to web administrators because the attractiveness of their projects is often evaluated based on this index? Positioning well in Alexa is always profitable.

Before emphasizing the different ways to improve the rank of a page, it is important to understand how Alexa Rank works, so that it can be optimized sustainably. Below we clarify some basic aspects that allow us to understand how Alexa makes its ranking.

What does the term Alexa Traffic Rank mean?

The Alexa traffic range is an estimate of how often a web page is visited in relation to others, which means that the range of a web page depends not only on its own traffic but also on traffic variations in the others. In this way, this index would be a relative value. This also implies that if you aspire to a high position in a very competitive subject, it is necessary to have a lot of traffic. In a smaller niche, however, it is not necessary to have so much traffic to improve the position.

How does Alexa get the data?

Alexa Inc. collects data from millions of Internet users around the world, but for that to be possible, they have had to previously install the Alexa toolbar in the browser. Based on these samples, Alexa estimates the number of visits on all pages. The term Alexa ranking would represent the list of the million most-visited domains, obtained in this way.

The method used by Alexa consists in a calculation of a certain complexity that also takes into account, rejecting them, sources of errors such as spam traffic, and the company is very interested in including only representative data in its calculations. This is why all actions carried out by bots and all data traffic not generated by people is filtered.

To determine the ranking of a web page, Alexa estimates the average number of visits and impressions per day of a page during the last three months. The web that obtains the highest rank by combining individual visits (unique visitors) and page views (pageviews), taking into account that requests made by a single user to a URL on the same day are counted as a view, is which is classified in the first position. The page with the least activity occupies the last place, and if a website has not registered any visits in the last three months it is completely discarded.



Alexa analytics could be a free online tool that enables users to examine the present position of an internet site on the Alexa ranking system.

The tool is developed by specialized internet engineers WHO deeply perceive the ins and outs of internet analytics and it's therefore engineered to be distinctively reliable.

You can trust our tool to deliver correct and easy-to-understand results plucked from Alexa’s internet engines.

Alexa Checker by little SEO Tools will show you the subsequent data:

Alexa rank checker

Global Rank: The rank of the web site that's being analyzed relative to all or any different websites within the world.

Reach: what percentage totally different folks visit the web site (as calculable by Alexa supported the amount of Alexa Toolbar users they're able to track).

Country: The country with the highest percentage of visitors.

Country Rank: The rank of the web site in this country.

Change: however the ranking of the positioning has either deteriorated or improved.

Alexa Toolbar

As explained, the range of a website is determined from the data generated by users of the Alexa toolbar, based on them to calculate the statistics of each domain. According to the company, the data of the popular domains are more accurate than the data of other less-visited websites because this lower traffic of the less classified pages would prevent the collection of representative data.

Being its voluntary installation, which limits the scope of the samples, it also seems reasonable to doubt that the average user of the Alexa toolbar represents the common user. In any case, it should be remembered that, even if the Alexa ranking is not the measure of all things since there are also other ways to analyze the value of a page, such as Google Assistant, Protonet Zoe or Lenovo Smart Assistant, yes It is useful as a trend detector. Since your data is publicly available, the Alexa ranking allows you to keep the competition always in sight.