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About Broken Links Finder

Broken links, also called dead links, are links on web pages that no longer function. There are several reasons why a link is broken. This is why the Broken Link Checker is needed to find out the Broken link.


  1. You may have entered the wrong URL in the link
  2. The linked web page has been removed from the linked website
  3. The destination website does not exist or has been completely deleted
  4. The destination website may have been blocked due to software or firewall usage

If a link on the Internet can't lead the user to the expected site, it is called a broken link. This can happen in some cases. If the site is permanently unavailable, the web page is out of date, moved to a new domain, or no longer exists. Having some broken links to your page is known as "link corruption" and it seems as bad as it looks to your business. Broken link checker helps you keep track of broken links and keep link updates.


Broken links can be very difficult for visitors because they can no longer access the information or resources they want, and they can decide to use other sources to access the information they need. Websites that have not been reviewed or updated for a long time can suffer from broken linksBroken links are websites with many broken links.

Therefore, it is important to find and fix link problems before they are delayed.


Like Google Broken Link CheckerSmallseoTools offers a free Broken Link Checker that can be very helpful in finding link problems. With this amazing tool, you can check all the links of a specific URL very easily and see if there are broken or invalid links. As a unique and efficient tool, especially if you have a website, it can be very useful as it will find non-functional URLs and clean them up in a short time.


With the availability of broken link checkers links security checkers and more from Google, it must be easier than ever to find and fix unpleasant links.