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Rival relationships in the Internet world are getting stronger and more complex over time. Many websites are loaded and realized at any time. The website backbone is code. Therefore, it is essential to continue to improve and update the code.


Why do you want to see the page source online? There are several reasons for this. After running all the analytical tests and verifications of competing websites, he still doesn't understand why his ranking is not better than their ranking.


In this situation, you can choose from several options. You can overcome your competitors by waiting for them to make mistakes or closing your business, or by updating and improving your website. We recommend that you update your website. To do so, we recommend that you look at the source of your competitor's online page so that you can understand the tricks your competitors are using.


To do this, you need an HTML experience or an online HTML code viewer. If you are unfamiliar with the language, use an online HTML viewer with someone who knows the language to thoroughly check the source of the online page.


What is a website snooper? provides a web page inspection tool. You can use this tool to view the online page of your website or the source of a competitor's website. This tool displays the website source code that can be used to review the code carefully.


Sometimes he feels he needs to watch one of his rivals online. “Wow! This is a great trick or feature ... I should put it on my site too.” This requires deeper insight into the source code of a website that has never been easier. Now you can see the detailed code and how accurately it is structured.


Given the above scenario, we feel that we need to develop tools that can spy on code from competitors' websites. So who do you want to spy today?


With this very practical website snooper provided by, you can enter the URL of the website and get the entire HTML source. Examining the complete source code can be difficult to decipher the complete code. Therefore, it is recommended that you open individual pages and write down important points.