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What is indexing?

Many educational books have an index at the end. An index is an alphabetical list of names, topics, and words, where they originate from the book content. A simple index list lists only page numbers by subject, word, or name.


If you want to know where a topic or name is in a book, use an index. Get topics in the index list and open the page that appears.



What is the Google index?

Google accesses many websites throughout the day. Similarly, Google generates an index for each website to increase interest. Note that not all websites you visit will be indexed. Google won’t index if you can not find the name, word, or topic you’re interested in.


For example, the site does not contain actual content. It only provides headings for specific topics, and the headings contain abbreviations. Google can choose not to index. Depending on the execution time, Google does not prevent you from accessing the website every day. If a web page is found that needs to be indexed, it is searched.