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Check domain

Check suspicious domain are so many domains on the internet that many of them with the suspicion that they may be a malicious website. An effort is made to identify them or not to be infected with a tracking script or malware.


Check suspicious domain

We have all received an e-mail message on occasion, offering something through a link to a web page, sometimes known and sometimes not. Whether the sender is known or unknown, that link can lead us to a malicious web page.


The SEO tool to check suspicious domain (Check suspicious domain) will allow you to analyze a web domain to see if it conceals any danger. This SEO tool will detect if the domain hides some kind of malware, phishing, virus or other danger by telling you if that domain is reliable or not.


If you are not sure that a website is safe, it is better to use caution.

To check or verify the suspicious domain that can currently be used for fraud. Fake or phishing websites can be difficult to detect, as they are often almost identical to the original ones.

This tool serves both a webmaster who wants to verify his domain or that of a client and ensure that the WEB is clean of any type of malware.

As for an individual who wants to check a link received in an email, comments on forums, blogs, advertising, etc.


Always have to be careful there are many ways to hide the web address or URL, it can be in a text file that opens it takes us to a specific website or when opening an image with a hidden link.


I personally have on my PC to be able to see the extensions of the activated files, that prevents me from opening a hidden .exe in an image because I see the .exe and not the .jpg that would be the extension of an image Find out who owns the web domain.